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How to Increase Your Height

Your genes is the major factor of your height. If your parents are tall and your siblings are tall, it is most likely that you are also tall. However, genes is not only the factor. Your diet and your lifestyle can be factors too.

Having proper exercise can contribute in increasing your height especially if you are in puberty stage. In puberty stage, the cartilage growth plates which can be found at the ends of the longer bones are starting to lengthen. When you exercise properly, you are helping these cartilage to grow easily as well as you are helping your bones to develop and grow stronger. Also, exercise contribute in the production and secretion of growth hormones in your body.

Though exercise is of great help, do not over do it and have a restful sleep. Do you know that sleeping in right time can also contribute in your growth development? Yes, it's true, if you sleep regularly the production of your growth hormones will increase. It also enhances your body's recuperating power. People who do not sleep well tends to weaken their body's resistance and delay their growth development.

As stated earlier, diet is another factor in your growth development. Drinking too much alcoholic beverages and engaging in harmful drugs may prevent you from growing taller so it would be better if you avoid them. Eat healthy foods which are rich in Vitamin D, calcium, zinc and protein. These foods will greatly increase your height.

It is also recommended to eat smaller meals than larger meals. Studies found out when you eat one large meal it produce a large amount of insulin which prevents the release of growth hormones.

Other people tend to use some 'tricks' to make them taller. An example is wearing elevated shoes or wear dresses that will make them look taller. Many women also want to become slender because their figure creates an illusion that they are tall.